What to eat and WHEN?

What to eat and WHEN?

We get a lot of questions about what and how to much to eat before and after a workout!

Nutrient timing is a very important factor in your performance in the gym. For optimal performance and digestion you want to have a small meal or snack 1-3 hours before your workout. This meal or snack should be carbohydrates to fuel your body with energy, and a lean protein to stop any muscle breakdown.

Here are some great examples of pre-workout snacks/meals:Ê
– oatmeal with protein powder mixed in
– dried fruits and a protein bar
– chicken breast and rice
– sweet potato and ground turkey
– even a protein shake with some berries

How much and how soon is completely up to you, however keep in mind that your body can only process 20-30gr protein an hour in women and 40-60g of protein in men. For carbohydrates the maximum that be absorbed during exercise is 60-80grams.

Now for all you crazy 6am’ers who donÕt have the time to eat before a workout, try sipping on some BCAAs on your way to the gym and during your workout. BCAAs or Branch Chain Amino Acids; are the building blocks of your muscles. This will also stop the muscles from breaking down. Also, make sure your nighttime meal has carbs and protein so your body can still access that in the morning!

Post Workout is essential to kick starting your recovery and rebuilding those muscles you worked so hard for! Aim to eat immediately up to 2 hours after your workout. Again, you want to keep this to carbs and proteins and try to keep this to whole foods thatÕs are not processed.

I know you’re thinking, where are the fats?! Fats slow down digestion and therefore are best-used 3 hours outside your workouts. They are very important to keeping you full throughout the day and hitting your all bodyÕs needs for vitamins and minerals.

Our Nutrition Coaches can help you customize your own personal pre and post workout plan that works right for you!

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