Weekend Warriors!

Weekend Warriors!

The weekend. A time to chill out, unwind from the busy week and prepare for the next one ahead.Ê It is a timeÊ to spend with those you love and usually a time when gatherings and celebrations take place. It is also a time when routine can be flipped upside down and the structure and consistency from the week is a distant memory.

I know I personally struggle with consistency on the weekend. On the weekends the kids are home, we are busy and I am usually the most tired that I am all week. My sleep is impacted, my energy levels are impacted and as a result my food consumption usually becomes impacted. On the weekends I will allow myself to indulge in some wine, which generally impacts my judgement to stay consistent with my macros, especially later in the evening. We are all human right?

As we are headed into the weekend, I wanted to discuss some strategies that I use and how you too can become a weekend warrior and enjoy your weekend, while at the same time working towards your goals.

It is important to note that consistency here is key, and when that routine breaks when you transition from weekday to weekend, it can but a damper on progress.

I have some really great tips and tricks for you to keep in mind over the weekend, and letÕs see if putting some of these into place will help us keep that fantastic consistency going all week long.

The weekends are what you make of them. Most of us have structure and routine on weekdays as a result of school, work, etc. and it usually much easier to stick to plan Ð but once the weekend comes there is a lot of inconsistency in routine.

I challenge you this weekend to head into Saturday and Sunday mindfully. Mindfulness is such a powerful and underrated tool. What I mean by this is to head into the weekend with a plan. To look ahead, think ahead and strategize the best way to stay on track. The weekends are what we make of them, and having a plan and being prepared will help be the key to success.

Here are some really great tools to have at your disposal this weekend:

If you are eating out. Browse the menu online and plan your meals ahead of time. If you are going to friends house for dinner, do not be shy to ask ahead of time what will be served at the dinner. This will allow you to plan your day ahead of time in My Fitness Pal. At these parties load up on veggies,Ê greens and lean proteins first.

Before you arrive, get in your lean proteins and your veggies first and leave room in your macros for carbs and fat for any potential indulgences.

Meal prep the meals you know you are in control of and have them pre-entered into My Fitness Pal.Ê Try and pre-log at least two meals for Saturday and Sunday.

If you are going out for a meal, try to not arrive on an empty stomach. Arriving with some appetite, but not starving, will set you up for success.

Try to get out of the house. I know when I am in my house all day, I tend to want to graze, so keeping yourself busy and away from the kitchen is a trick that you can use.

Learn to say no. I am not saying so ÒnoÓ all of the time. Life is meant to be lived, but at the same time it is ok to say no some of the time in an effort to achieve your goals.

If you find that your meet ups with friends or family always surround food, try to suggest other activities that you could do together that do not involve it. Even maybe suggest an active activity everyone can do.

Have an ally. If there is someone you can entrust in social situations to assist you with staying on track, enlist them ahead of time to help you work through your struggles and be there to support you.

If you are unable to measure your food, you can estimate food portions using your hand.

And finally, have your cake and eat it too Ð but plan ahead for that cake!

Remember in this journey that flexible dieting allows for treats, we just need to plan for those ahead of time so we can be prepared and do not get stuck overshooting on a certain macronutrient. Especially when we are on a current plan and are working towards short and long terms goals.

If you do overshoot your macros for one day Ð that is ok too. That is the beauty of flexible dieting. As long as this doesnÕt happen all the time, one day is not going to hinder your long term progress. Remember that at the end of the day, we have been put on this earth to live it and enjoy, so it not worth it to stress out over eating too much cake or drinking too much wine at your birthday party. As long as we are consistently working towards a healthful lifestyle more often than not, we are able to enjoy those special days without guilt.

Happy Friday my friends!

Coach Shannon



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