The Daunting Task of Grocery Shopping

The Daunting Task of Grocery Shopping

Do you find grocery shopping to be a generally daunting task? Now letÕs add in taking on a new diet plan of macro counting. IÕm sure we have all heard someone say ÒDonÕt go grocery shopping on an empty stomachÓ.

Walking the aisles of the grocery store when you are hungry can be a recipe for an overloaded shopping cart, with a pricy bill. Not to mention it causes us to make choices that are not in the best interest of our nutrition goals!

Whether itÕs spending with the money in our wallet or our macro bucks, the cost can be high! However, by engaging in a little self-awareness, self-control, and self-love, we can set ourselves up for success, redirect our actions and avoid spending more than necessary!

Below are somethings you can do on your own to help save your hard earned dough:

1. Eat a full well rounded meal to keep you satiated while you shop.

2. Make a list before shopping, organize the food by area in the store to keep your time in the grocery store short.

3. Grocery shop online. A lot of grocery stores are now offering shopping online with the ability to pickup in-store or deliver direct to your door. This is a cool option, that can help keep you on track. The initial online shopping cart can take some time to get set up, but once you have your favourite/go to items itÕs an easy way to buy back your time.

4. Walk the outsides of the grocery store, this tends to be where the fresh and healthy products are located. Avoid walking down every aisle, and only purchase what is on your list.

If you are still looking for more support and advice when it comes to grocery shopping on your new journey, remember that your Nutrition Coach is there to lend a hand. Celebrate and track your wins, and refer back to them when youÕre feeling challenged! All the small things add up!

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