Self Love

Self Love

Today, on the day of love, the day of pink and red hearts, we tend to talk about those we love around us – our loves.Ê I wanted to delve into a different aspect of love that is so important and really at the core of our nutrition, fitness and wellness journey Ð self-love.

What is self-love?

Well, the official Google definition of self-love is:
Òregard for one’s own well-being and happiness (chiefly considered as a desirable rather than narcissistic characteristic).Ó

The two parts of this definition that have been included I think are so important to each-other, just like a relationship. Both regard for oneÕs well-being AND happiness.
I really do not think that one can or should exist without the other.

It is obviously so important to have regards for our well-being for long term health, but if it starts to come at the cost of our happiness is it worth it? Yes, we absolutely do need to have regard for our physical well-being, that is why we have invested in our health through nutrition and fitness. There is however that other important part (our happiness) that ties into our mental well-being and this piece is typically overlooked, brushed off, but should not be forgotten.Ê

I recently came across a post on the Working Against Gravity Instagram feed that really caught my eye. I have actually been thinking about it for days. It said:
Òyour best weight is whatever you reach while youÕre living the healthiest life you enjoyÓ

Weight is obviously just one part of our wellness journey, but I think these words really encapsulate the definition of self-love so well.

If we are chasing a weight on the scale, but we get to a point where we are no longer happy or enjoying our life Ð is that a healthy weight for us? If means we are working out non-stop, or constantly turning down social outings, avoiding family parties, holiday dinners. Missing life.

Life is why we are here. This life we only get one of!

When it comes to our nutrition journey, when we are working towards our short and long term goals (whatever they may be) we are going to have to make some sacrifices to get there and maybe use some strategies to handle situations that could impact our goals. As nutrition coaches we do agree with that. But in the very long-term Ð the rest of your life, it is important to keep that healthy balance through flexible dieting. This concept isÊ learned during your time with a nutrition coach and if you are trying out on your own, there is no one in your court to ensure you are balancing that regard for well-being and happiness all at once. I can be a slippery slope.

We want you to be in that place where you feel your healthiest, while at the same time being able to enjoy your life and be HAPPY. Being able to eat that piece of cake at your 5 year oldÕs birthday without guilt, or have that latte while you catch up with your best friend, or that wood fire pizza with your person on a summer night. And on top of that have the tools, strategies and the know-how to balance that with the regards for your well-being and long term health.

Unexpected challenges that come along with your nutritional journey can happen and that is why we are here for you. Having a nutrition coach by your side will help navigate these feelings if you have ever experienced them. We are here to help you with those challenges and to remind you how important topics like self-love and balance are to your journey. Reach out if you have difficulty with your self-love balance. We are here to help.

Eat and exercise like you love yourself. Move because it makes you feel good and you love it. Find something that sets your soul on fire and stick with that. For me that was CrossFit. Eat because you love food and love how it provides energy and nourishment.Ê Love it because it tastes good and is so full of life and colour. Balance that regard for your well-being and happiness, because one should not exist without the other.

Be well, be happy.

Happy ValentineÕs Day


Coach Shannon



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