Over/Under Eating and Macro Balance

Over/Under Eating and Macro Balance

So yesterday was the Super Bowl! Did you host a party? Attend one? Or was it business as usual?

Although I know not everyone is a football fan, we can all remember a day in which we went overboard on our macros at an event despite our best efforts to stay on track. DonÕt fret, we are all human, life happens! As long as you enjoyed yourself the biggest question is how will you take on your macros today?

Knowing that you are in a caloric deficit, and have been working so hard on your journey, your mind can sometimes play quite terrible guilt trip. You try to convince yourself that you can just under eat today to stay on track of your calories for the week. I am here to tell you, DO NOT LISTEN TO YOURSELF!

This can be a slippery slope, where we build a habit that Ôit is ok to over do itÕ, even a little if we just take from the calories from another day. This does not lay the ground work for strong healthy habits, or a positive working relationship with food. It can also lead you in to a catch 22 of over eating (referring to eating more calories than your coach has prescribed). Remember, you are already in a caloric deficit. Your coach has spent time and effort in to ensuring that the numbers they provide are a safe and effective way for you to maintain you daily activities while moving the needle forward. If you convince yourself to take an even larger deficit today to make up for yesterday there is a chance that you will feel hungrier and end up overing eating again leaving you to require an even larger deficit the next day to hit your targets for the week. If you are training, expect your performance to be affected with your modified macros for the day. Most do not account for this, leaving them feeling frustrated with how their training went, and can lead you back to the over eating train.

Today is the best day get back on track! Restricting your calories when you are already in a caloric deficit does not serve you in any way mentally or physically. In order to reach your goals you need to love yourself, forgive yourself and stop dwelling on the past.

It is not ok to punish yourself. We all have bad days; nutrition, training, competition and other areas of life. What separates the successful ones, is their ability assess the situation, determine the fault and move forward as a better informed individual ready to take on a new day.

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