Making Family Meals While Still Hitting Your Macros

Making Family Meals While Still Hitting Your Macros

If you have been tracking your macros, you know that sometimes it can be struggle to make meals that appeal to everyone but still fit into your heath and fitness goals. Our nutrition coaches want to share our real life advice and meals to show you how easy it can be to make your meals work for everyone.

Coach Shannon

Shannon had a to make a nutritious meal for herself, two active boys, and her husband! This was a quick and easy weekday lunch! Being in quarantine with two growing boys has felt a lot like becoming a private chef.ÊWe were low on groceries at the time (and our typical lunch supplies,) so this was an easy pantry meal that fulfilledÊmy goal: to feed some hungry little bellies quickly with a nutritious lunch. I also enjoyed it myself.ÊThe Farm Boy pasta lends a nice punch of plant based protein, Êso there was no need for any meat in there and I snuck in some riced cauliflower and red peppers. I topped it off with one of our go-to jarred sauces and finished the plate with some pecorino romano cheese. This all came together in less than ten minutes.ÊQuick, simple and delicious.Ê

Coach SteveÊ

A big part of counting your macros is the freedom it gives you to enjoy your food. Steve pre planned this delish date night dinner, he made sure his meals before this were low carb so that he could be fully present and enjoy date night with his FiancŽ! They enjoyed pasta with rose sauce, meatballs, and a glass of wine, it only took about 15 minutes to create.Ê

Coach LizÊ

Liz and her boyfriend Mike both count their macros, however Mike has a higher count and therefore needs more calories per meal. Liz barbecued flank steak and made a chimichurri sauce. Both had tacos but they were designed differently. Liz ate her flank steak taco on a lettuce wrap with salsa and veggies, while Mike had a corn tortilla, with cheese, sour cream, and veggies. Tacos are a fabulous way to let everyone add whatever toppings they want while keeping it healthy!Ê

Eating with a family, date night, or just regular meals are totally do able (and stress free!) while still hitting your goals! Reach out to any of our coaches if you want to know more!Ê



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