“Health foods”… Busted!

We see countless magazine articles, Instagram ads, and bloggers telling us what products will guarantee weight loss, no hard work needed! Sorry to burst your influenser bubble but none of those work. Lets break down a couple of these products and see what they actually are.

1.ÊÊÊÊ Flat Tummy Tea

So basically anyone that has been on any version of the Bachelor now claims this is how they stay fit. So what is it? Flat Tummy Tea claims to reduce bloating, increase your metabolism, and decrease water retention.

When you look at the ingredients of the tea, it is basically a very high priced laxative that you take twice daily. Extended use of any laxative can be seriously detrimental! Instead try drinking a peppermint or dandelion root tea as they can also have a mild diuretic effect if you are feeling bloated!

2.ÊÊÊÊ ÒHealthyÓ granola bars (Kind, Cliff, Made Good etc)

Sorry guys, I have some bad news for you, just because the label is cool doesnÕt mean it’s healthy. Let’s use Kind bars for example; they are super popular and are everywhere from the grocery store to Starbucks counter. Just a quick glance at the ingredients should set off alarm bells. They contain glucose syrup-which is just a fancy word for sugar. Soy lecithin which is a manufactured preservative. Palm kernel oil – this is an oil very high in unhealthy saturated fats and has also been in the media recently for its unethical sourcing, which seems pretty hypocritical for a company claiming to be ÒKindÓ.

3.ÊÊÊÊ Gluten Free Anything

It is true, for some people going gluten free can lead to weight loss, however that doesnÕt mean you should binge on gluten free pretzels and chocolate chip cookies because its healthy! Gluten free doesnÕt mean healthy, it ONLY means that it doesnÕt contain gluten. The most popular brands of gluten free cookies contain, vegetable shortening and canola oil which contains unhealthy fats. Sugar and Tapioca Syrup, which again is a fancy word for sugar and a multitude of chemicals that I couldnÕt even begin to pronounce.

When you see someone selling a Ò healthÓ food product make sure you do your research and see what is really inside it! Ask one of the nutrition coaches at CFSTC we would love to help you!


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