Fitness while travelling?

Fitness while travelling?

Now that winter has officially set in a lot of us are dreaming of that beach vacation!ÊBut that doesn’t mean you should throw your hard earned success to the fishies!Ê

Vacations are meant to be relaxing and spent exploring new places, not spent worrying about hitting your macros or being perfect with your nutrition. So, I thought I’d take some time to share some easy tips for you to enjoy your vacation while still staying on track with your goals!

1. Pre-Pack Food (yes you CAN do this!)Ê
¥ I always pack food for the airplane and quick snacks for adventures. I love protein bars and muffins. I have also brought my classic chicken, rice, and broccoli on the plane (yes, it all went through security). I bring oats that I can mix my own protein powder or nuts into. Most hotel rooms have a coffee maker, so I just use that for the hot water, same thing goes for instant rice! Jerky is also a great option if that is more your style! These are so easy to pack into small ziploc bags, pre-portioned and ready to go!

2. Plan Your SplurgesÊ(you don’t have to splurge every night just because you’re on vacation!)Ê
¥ Research great places to eat a head of time, find out what places are worth the macros! If I know IÕm going out for an amazing ice cream after dinner, I am going to stay lower carb in my other meals. Especially at all inclusive resorts try to stick with a lean protein (chicken) with veggies during the day and have your fun meals at dinner. If you rent an Air B&B, find a grocery store and buy some quick and easy healthy meals! Rotisserie chickens, pre cut fruit and veggies, salad bags, and hummus are all some healthy staples that will keep you full.

3. Limit Your AlcoholÊ(do you really NEED to drink all day everyday?)
¥ All those fancy tropical drinks we get on resorts are pumped full of sugars. Have one splurge, then try to stick to less sugary drinks. Hard liquors and red wine have the least amount of sugars. To avoid dehydration, have 1 glass of water between every glass of alcohol. Keep in mind that alcohol will also inhibit your ability to make good nutritional choices (and other good choices for that matter…) so keep your macros to food not liquids!

4. MOVE!Ê(you don’t need a fancy gym to get your fitness in!)Ê
¥ Although being on vacation does mean sitting for longer than normal (airports, flights, beach chairs). Find some trails or small towns to explore on foot, drop into local gyms, or check out the hotel gym. You can even do a quick workout outside with no equipment. My bodyweight go to is 4 rounds 400m run, 20 burpees; it’s quick and gets the job done! I always feel my best on vacation once IÕve gotten some movement in.

I hope these tips help you feel like your best and keep working towards your amazing progress on vacation!

Coach LizÊ



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