Do I Really NEED to Track & Measure My Food?

Do I Really NEED to Track & Measure My Food?

You may be ready for a lifestyle change. You may finally be serious this time. Like really serious. YouÕre ready to eat all the healthy food and work with a nutrition coach. But then you are wondering about measuring your food and tracking your macros and if you really have to do it?

The short answer, especially if you are new, is yes you should. Measuring your food and tracking it in an app such as MyFitnessPal is a great learning experience for people just starting out on their nutrition journey. It is also a great way to stay consistent and accurate. You may be surprised as to what one tablespoon of peanut butter actually looks like (compared to a big glob on your spoon) or how little one serving of crackers is!

Measuring doesnÕt have to be hard at all. A simple set of measuring spoons/cups (which every kitchen should have) along with an affordable scale that you can pick up at most grocery stores or online will get you everything you need to get started!

Now if you are well versed in measuring and tracking you probably have a good grasp on what common measurements look like (i.e. half a cup of rice) and you can probably get away most of the time by eyeballing certain things. And if youÕre someone in between there are ways to estimate serving sizes based on the size of the portion relative to the palm of your hand, finger tip…etc.Ê

If you have your macros set and you measure out your food (preferably in a meal prep situation) you are good to go! Everything is as it should be. No guessing, no scrambling for food, no breaking of the macros…etc. An easy recipe for success!


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