Dine Out Like A Pro!

Dine Out Like A Pro!

Just because you are dialling in your nutrition doesnÕt mean that you have to pass on dinners out with friends! Here are some easy ways to go out and not have to worry about leaving your nutrition goals at home!

1. Research the menu; most restaurants have their menu online. Then try to find something similar in My Fitness Pal. For example, if I knew I wanted to get pad thai, I would find an entry in MFP and use those macros. HOT TIP all chain restaurants have the macro breakdown to all foods on their websites (usually under nutrition).

2.ÊÊ Ask for any salad dressings on the side, then you can control how much goes on your salad. Try to stick to oil dressings not cream as cream will have a lot more fat in it.

3. Stick to leaner cuts of meat-Chicken, sirloin steak, fish, pork chops, and shellfish. Restaurants will cook meats in oil and/or butter so sticking to leaner cuts will be less fatty.

4. Say no to appetizers, you came for 1 meal and appetizers while small are a huge calorie punch.

5. Drinks and Desserts- these are tough to say no to! Make a choice before you go out, are you are going to have a drink or have a dessert? Pick one or the other and track it.

6. Before you go out keep your meals high in protein and low in carbs and fat so you have more macros to play with when you go out!

If you have more questions about how to track and making healthy choices at restaurants talk to one of our fabulous coaches!

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