Curb Your Enzyme

Curb Your Enzyme

I donÕt know about you, but when I start meal prep for the week I find that it takes some time and effort on my behalf, although I remain busy I noticed how much I was taste testing as I prepped. Leaving me unaccountably over in macros for the day, as I entered 0 spoonfuls in MyFitnessPal.

When I first started on my nutrition journey, the habit of snacking while preparing food or on the run was an unconscious action, something I rarely put thought into. However, with mindfulness I started to pay attention to these details. Knowing that in order to achieve a specific goal, keeping an honest and accurate log was imperative. Whether we choose to believe it or not, all the sips and bites do add up and do affect our progress.

Here are some ways that I found helped keep me accountable when meal prepping, or if I am feeling ÔsnackyÕ. I found that not only one of these solutions was best suited for me, but depending on how my morning and afternoon were each were effective in their own ways.

1. Eat before you prep for the week, have a prepared meal left over. I like to make a huge salad and throw on some chicken. Mentally eating a big meal even though it is low in calories makes me feel satisfied, while getting in a ton of nutrients. . . score!
2. Prepare a snack that can easily fit your macros. I often lean towards cut up veggies. Fresh and crispy, they keep my mind and mouth occupied when my nose enjoys the flavours of my food for the week.
3. Brush your teeth immediately prior to prepping your food. I will even go an extra step and use mouthwash. My mouth feels minty fresh and I can not bare to ruin that freshness when I am not even hungry.
4. Chew a piece, or two, of sugar free gum. I keep Òexcel bubblemint gumÓ on hand. Tastes delicious, it is like a treat in and of itself, it dissuades me from tasting as I prep and leaves me feeling like I am eating.
5. Drink some water, I like to grab a nice glass fill it with ice cubes, a few drops of mango full spectrum CBD oil, vanilla and peach citrus sparkling water. It tastes so fresh, keeps me feeling satiated and hydrated!

If you’re looking for some more ways to curb your snacking, or wondering just how much those “extra bites and sips” add up, feel free to email me and we can chat about how to bring those habits to a stop, and get you back on track to reaching your goals!Ê

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