All My Food is Going Bad Now What?!

All My Food is Going Bad Now What?!

Alright so you over shopped and stocked up and now all your produce is going bad, what do you do?!Ê

We are all guilty of this and even more so these days, I have some great macro friendly ways to help you use that food, except slimy spinach throw that garbage out ew.Ê


Stewed Fruit
This is one of person favs, take all your fruit thats going bad and dice em up. Heat a frying pan on low heat then quick spray with coconut oil. I put in the harder fruits first like apples ( they will take longer to cook), then add berries. Sprinkle cinnamon and vanilla extract on top then keep cooking and mixing until the mixture becomes soft. If you have a citrus going bad you can squeeze that on top as well. This makes a perfect topping for oatmeal, pancakes, and even just on its own!Ê

Flavoured WaterÊ
*Currently sipping on this* Cut up some of the fruit that is on its way out the door, exclude any brown pieces and chuck it into your water! Yum!! Get creative and mix some flavours, orange basil? Strawberry lemon? Cucumber blackberry?Ê

Ice CreamÊ
ÊPeel your browning bananas, cup into smaller chunks and freeze. Once those bad boys are frozen you can blend them up with almond milk, vanilla, and nut butter until you have an ice cream like consistency.Ê


An awesome way to still get all those vitamin and nutrients! Easy peezy way to use up those slimy carrots, potatoes, celery, root veggies. Heat up pot, spray olive or avocado oil, add veggies just to give a little cook (it you are using mushroom or herbs donÕt add them yet). Let them soften up and stir for about 7 mins. Add water and bring to a simmer, add herbs and mushrooms now.Ê Let mixture simmer (uncovered) for about an hour, then strain. You can storage in air tight container and freeze.

Fancy right? But seriously easy. Use any onions you have going bad, kale, broccoli, tomatoes, any veggies really, just dice em up.Ê
Pre heat oven to 400 degrees then, in a frying pan (must be oven safe) heat some olive or avocado oil, add onion and diced up veggies cook for about 5 mins.Ê
In separate bowel whisk together however many eggs and/or egg whites you would like with little bit of water and seasons (salt, pepper, oregano etc) You can also add in cheese if you would like.Ê
Pour into pan with veggies, mix and then put into oven and cook for approx 15 ( or no longer wet in the middle) carefully remove from oven! Then you got cha protein and veggies!Ê

Hopefully these help you use up all that extra produce and make sure you get those vitamins, fibre, and minerals!!Ê



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